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Jingle And Zingles Bus Stop TomfooleryClown Town Calamities!
Three One Act Plays. 50 Minutes.
One Exterior Set with Set Pieces
Twenty-one Characters:

Jingle & Zingle’s Bus Stop Tomfoolery!
Jingle & Zingle torment newcomer, Teensy Teena, at the bus stop, much to the dismay of Jazz & Rocker, who try to protect the sad little girl. Monitor Prattles & Bus Driver BettyBeep soon intervene. When the two troublemakers realize how much danger their antics might have caused, they make promises even Prattles & BettyBeep can’t resist, much to the relief of all. And...some very special ideas on bus stop safety are created.

Fluffa And Nutta Play With MatchesFluffa & Nutta Play With Matches!
Chief Blaze is shocked to learn that Fluffa & Nutta were playing with matches while Biff & Bang baby-sat. The children learn important fire rules under the tutelage of the Chief, his wife Sparky, Deputy Britches & Doctor Fancy. Fluffa & Nutta agree to never misbehave again. And...Biff & Bang suggest Clown Town begin a Spring Safety Day much to the delight of the adults!

Patches And His Scooter Take TumblePatches & His Scooter Take a Tumble!
Patches is in such a hurry to get to Fluffa & Nutta’s birthday party, he ignores the rules of the road, and without a “by-your-leave” cuts in front of Chief Kopper & Officer Fuzzy’s police car. To make matters worse, Patches isn’t even wearing a helmut. EMT’s Sleeper & Froufrou arrive at the near-accident scene and cause a few scenes of their own when they find out Patches can’t remember his hand signals. And...after some lectures and lessons, we know that will never happen to the young man, again.

Commotion In Clowns CastleCommotion in Clown Castle!
One Act. One Hour
One Interior Set
Thirty Characters: 12 M, 14 F, 4 M or F

Every year the invisible trouble-mongers, Nasty Gnome, Evil Elf, Dipsy Dwarf create a plan to destroy Grampy Scamp’s Orientation Day...the special day the new children become apprentice clowns. But, every year the baddies cause very little grief to the apprentice and graduate clowns, much to the nasty ones' dismay.

Will the terrible trio finally succeed, by using The Ostracizer, to turn all the children against Patches, a poor orphan who's always dreamed of becoming a clown? As White Swan and the other graduate clowns have no idea how to resolve the dilemma, the children become more and more mean-spirited, Patches demands to return to the orphanage. Have faith, though...Grampy Scamp saves the day, and, the “baddies” get their come-uppance...again.

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