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A Fairytale! (a national award-winning play)
(Kisso The Bear Meets the Princesses!)

One Act. One Hour
One Interior Set
Eleven Characters: 3 M, 5 F, 3 M or F

Kisso the Bear has convinced his mentor, Wacko the Wizard that he’s really a prince under a spell waiting to be kissed by a princess. So, off they go to visit the castle of Wacko’s college buddy, King Leopold, and before you can say, “Give me a smooch, lovely princess,” delusions and disasters, bickering and brooding overcome everyone in the castle.

At the same time, the King is anxiously awaiting the birth of his fifth child, while also trying to deal with the trials and tribulations of his four daughters Princess Lottie, Princess Lillie, Princess Lola and Princess Lulu. Toss in the demands of Prince Brilliance and Prince Charm and chaos quickly reigns.

Fester the Jester and Madame Mumford work to keep the castle’s inhabitants happy, a formidable task, as all have distinctive personalities and strong opinions. But, love and happiness prevail, and all live happily ever least for awhile.

Another Fairy TaleAnother Fairytale! (a sequel)
(Kisso the Bear Meets Wildwood and Willow!)
One Act. One Hour
One Split Exterior/Interior Set
Twenty Characters: 2 M, 14 F, 4 M or F

Kisso the Bear, Princess Lulu, Fester the Jester and Wacko the Wizard have been traveling through-out the kingdom, performing in castle after castle, so, are now looking forward to ending their journey at the castle of Princess Lulu’s uncle, King Luster, and his four darling little granddaughters, Princess Pearl, Princess Ruby, Princess Emerald and Princess Amethyst.

As the foursome enter Sherward Forest, they‘re stopped by siblings Wildwood and Willow and their woodsy friends, who relay the news that all is not well at the castle since the sudden disappearance of Diamond Queen, and the equally sudden reappearance of King Luster and Diamond Queen’s adopted daughter, Black Sapphire, whose evil husband has recently passed away.

Goodness does overcome, though, after Kisso overpowers the mystical forces, saving the day while also gaining the love of his new buddy, Snuggybear’s mother, Marmybear. And everyone lives happily every least for the moment!

The Enchantment Of Princess RaviaThe Enchantment of Princess Ravia! (another sequel)
(Wildwood and Willow meet Pricess Ravia!)
One Act. One Hour
One Split Exterior/Interior Set
Eighteen Characters: 7 M 11 F

Wildwood, Willow and their woodsy friends awake early one morn to face a danger from the unknown, a danger that is about to shatter the peace in Sherward Forest, forevermore.

Princess Ravia frantically appears from another dimension and terrifies Friar Luck with tales of magical Amulets and that fact that she’s been followed into this dimension by the evil sorceress, Mystiqua.

At the same time, the enchantress, Vorganna, appears to Wildwood and Willow’s perplexed cousin, Maid Marsha, from where not even Vorganna knows.

To add to the misery, evil Shadow Prince and his petulant sister, Princess Nightshade have enlisted the aid of some desperate and sinister characters to bring gloom and doom...and more taxes to the kingdom.

After much insanity, Ravia and the kingdom are saved, and all ends well.

Hokus PokusHokus Pokus!
One Act. One Hour
One Exterior Set
Ten Characters: 7 F, 1 M, 2 M or F


Mother Goose is ashamed of how subservient the women in Fairytale Land behave, so has decided to teach them a lesson by magically whisking all the males to Nevernever Land in order to find out if the females will be able to survive without a male to tell them what to do and when and how and where.

But, as the curtain rises, something has gone terribly awry! The Prince is strangely left behind and his once carefree, chauvinistic life as the only Prince Charming in Fairytale Land is soon torn asunder.

Cinderella, Gretel, Wicked Witch, Muffet, Jill, Bo Peep, Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Mary Had A Little Lamb and Baby Bear, quickly learn that they have more inner fortitude than they would have ever believed possible.

Poor Mother Goose hasn’t counted on a malevolent force doing her in, though, and soon finds herself the one in need of help. Prince Charming and Cinderella with the help of the fairytale females do finally save the crazy day.

To Please A PrinceTo Please a Prince!
Two Acts. One Hour and Fifteen Minutes
Two Interior Sets
Twenty-five Characters: 6 M, 19 F

Princess Pearl is called Perversity behind her back, as she doesn’t think or act like the other princesses whose lives totally revolve around, “pleasing a prince.”

Prince Vladamire is called Flibbet behind his back because he’s a flibbetty-gibbet who doesn’t act like the horseback-riding, sword-wielding princes.

When Perversity and Flibbet unexpectedly meet, the peaceful kingdom finds itself torn asunder. The two of them unite and everyone soon takes sides.

The madames quickly find themselves in the middle of the dilemma, instead of happily teaching the princesses how to bake and sing and knit, much to their very very very loud dismay.

And, peasant girl Roxanne’s personality change from bubbling and carefree to brooding and irritable adds even more worry to all who adore her.

After numerous bouts of tears and tantrums, everyone in the kingdom finally accepts the fact that what’s gone on “before” isn’t necessarily the “only way,” and all live “happily ever after.”

King MeKing Me!
One Act. One Hour
One Interior Set
Twenty-one Characters: 7 M, 11 F, 3 M or F

Heir-apparent, Tyron, and his stepmother, Queen Beatrina, her two children, Brice and Bruhildie, and their retainers have moved to the summer castle to prepare for Tyron’s coronation. But...unbeknownst to Tyron, the queen plans to have him destroyed, in order to crown Brice king.

Beatrina has enlisted the aid of the miserable lady-in-waiting Roteena, nasty Molten the Magician, and two evil gnomes, Krufrizzag and Pratchet. Adversity quickly befalls the heir-apparent, much to the dismay of his special retainers, siblings Grunion, Gretin and Gracile.

The princesses and princes, who are also residing at the summer castle to prepare for the coronation, soon become embroiled in the evil machinations caused by the queen and her cohorts.

But the saving grace for Tyron and the kingdom is the magical Court Jester who, after many twists and turns, is able to overcome the evil doings, while bringing love and understanding to all.

ScriptsThe Toymaker!
One Act. One Hour
One Interior Set (two apron scenes)
Eighteen Characters: 6 M, 8 F, 4 M or F
(1 walk-on female child role)

It’s the year 2015. Excellento and Perfectrina Toymaker have just returned to their Toy Shop in the United States after five years of visiting their other shops in the world, only to discover that all is not as they had left it.

While the Toymakers were gone, their Artisans were tricked into allowing Mister and Missus Run-of-the-Mill to build a fast-toy factory, which is slowly ruining the natural terrain of Toy Land. And even worse, it’s depriving the American children of the joy of playing with quality, handmade toys, as their parents aren’t interested in purchasing long lasting toys, any longer.

Junior is on a quest to find the Toymaker. His older sister, Sis is tagging along to make sure he doesn’t get lost. When Junior and Sis are confronted by Run-of-the-Mill’s two spoiled children, Mitsy and Bitsy, they quickly realize there’s trouble in paradise.

Excellento and Perfectrina Toymaker and the Artisans eventually restore Toy Land back to normal with the help of Junior, Sis and their little sister, Babe, while the Run-of-the-Mill’s are reported to the Environmental Protection Agency. Rightly so.

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