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Cinderella More Or LessCinderella, More-or-Less!
One Act. One Hour.
One Set with Set Pieces
Twenty Characters: 4 M, 6 F, 10 M or F

The Taleteller tells you that Cinderella and Prince Charming will meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. But, that’s the only thing familiar about this fairytale full of zany characters thrown into even zanier situations.

The Duke is stalked by Step-mama and her daughters, Hazel and Matilda; the angels Starbright, Moonglow and Lightening are tormented by the Fairy Godmother; the step-family’s cats Scat and Brat make life miserable for dear Cinderella’s friends, the mice Squeak, Squeal and Screech, and the King, Queen and Groom try to control the uncontrolled insanity which is quickly spreading throughout the Kingdom. But, all live...well, you know!

Hansel And Gretel More Or Less Hansel and Gretel, More-or-Less!
One Act. One Hour.
One Set
Twenty-four Characters: 8 M, 14 F, 2 M or F

When investigative reporter, Sarah Snoop decides to track down the fairytale scoop of the century, she quickly discovers Hansel and Gretel, stepmama Verna and daddy Viener Schnitzel are not alone in the woods. Not by a long shot.

Vonder Vitch is driving her chefs Schultz and Schlitz to desperate measures in her search for meat; golfers, Frieda, Kristina, Katrina and Karl Kringle mix it up with some members of a British bird watching expedition, Colonel Percival Brambleberry, the Third, his family, Eloise, Percy and Evelene plus guides, Brittany and Betrina Biggs; Red Riding Hood, Boy Blue, Jack Horner and Bo Peep’s vacation at the Frankfurt Filton gets woolly after the sheep disappear.

And what do chocolate chip cookies and Baron Buddy and Baroness Biddy Von Bird have to do with this plot to end all plots? Believe it or not, all will make sense by the final curtain...although everyone may not live happily ever after.

(A version without the Birdwatchers is also available)

Red Riding Hood More Or LessRed Riding Hood, More-or-Less!
One Act. One Hour.
One Exterior Set with Set Pieces
Thirteen Characters: 1 M, 2 F, 10 M or F

Once upon a time, in the Dark Forest East, there lived an adorable little girl by the name of Mary Smith, who didn’t care for her name...and that’s why the trouble begins. By the time Mary, AKA, Little Red Riding Hood, creates havoc for every man, woman, bird, bear, pony, cat, dog, cow, lamb or chicken she meets, the Big Bad Wolf is more than sorry he ever crossed her path

Whitewashing the Fence, More-or-Less!Whitewashing the Fence, More-or-Less!
One Act Forty Minutes
One Exterior Set
14 Characters: 4 M, 9 F 1 M or F

A Taleteller narrates this play based on the familiar plot line, in which Tom convinces the other children to whitewash Aunt Polly's fence for him.

Add some interesting twists to the tale and to Mister Finn's ear, and this play is sure to be a genuine audience-pleaser.

Sunday School teacher, Miss Smith, discovers Tom's sad secret after watching him being tormented by jealous Joshua. It seems poor Tom can't read very well. Aunt Polly is shocked and embarrassed over the news. Sides are quickly taken.

Becky, of course, sticks by her man while whitewash sticks to the children's fancy Sunday School outfits, making for a riotous ending.

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