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Robbery In Strawberry Fizz SaloonRobbery in Strawberry Fizz Saloon!
Two Acts. 90 Minutes
Two Sets: One Split Interior. One Exterior.
Thirty-three Characters: 9 M, 22 F, 2 M or F

Marshall May Mitty of Citrus City watches her peaceful town turn upside down with the opening of newcomer Frenchy Vanilla and her Dancehall Girls ice cream and candy saloon.

Will Miss Tessie Purecharm the School Marm be able to control her fury over watching her beloved school children prefer eating ice cream and candy to learning their three R’s before she does something she, and everyone else, regrets?

Will poor Slowbo the Hobo ever regain his memory? Or will he have to live in the jailhouse with Deputy Doug forevermore?

Judge Juris Prudence's trial of the century splits the townfolks even more.

Tessie’s kid brother, Paulie Purecharm, and Frenchy’s daughter, Kid Crunch, decide to pull together to help the town survive, but has their peace pact come too late?

A “boo/hiss, cheer/applause” extravaganza.

Citrus City CalamityCitrus City Calamity! (a Marshall May Mitty sequel)
One Act. One Hour.
One Split Interior/Exterior Set
Sixteen Characters: 6 M, 9 F, 1M or F

Banker Boll Weevil and his family’s arrival in town is causing Marshall May Mitty much consternation. The robbery at the Weevil Bank is the first honest-to-goodness crime in Citrus City. Inept May is at a total loss as to how to handle the disasters as they befall her, one after another.

Tessie Purecharm the School Marm’s chalk is gone; Reverend Mooney Sun is missing his Bible; Shutterbug Sal’s camera has disappeared. Where will it end?

Will Hildeguard find husband number five? Will dancehall girl, Fancy ever learn how to dance? Will the vile villain be discovered before poor May also loses control of her once peaceful town? Ah, woe is me! Such calamities in Citrus City!

Mansion On The HillMansion on the Hill!
Two Acts. 90 Minutes.
Two Sets: One Exterior. One Interior
Nine Characters: 3 M, 6 F

Villain Lucifer Lascivious, Esquire is determined to move out of his swampy home beside the railroad tracks and into the Mansion on the Hill by marrying Sylvania Smyth, much to Sylvania’s delight...until Lucifer recognizes the new servant girl with amnesia, Faith Hope, as the daughter of multi-billionaire railroad tycoon, Reginald Rockybeller the 10th.

Hero, Smedley Smyth and heroine, Faith Hope instantly fall in love, much to the delight of Faith’s friend, Charity O’Rourke and the misery of evil Lucifer and mean Sylvania.

More intrigue abounds as the Smythe’s Flower Family neighbors Granny Gladiola, Mommy Mum and Baby Rose-alee devise some provocative plots of their own.

Mist Over The MississippiMist Over the Mississippi!
One Act. One Hour.
One Exterior Set
Seventeen Characters: 8 M, 9 F

The Mysterious School Marm suddenly appears and everyone in town soon finds his and her life turned upside down as this tale of treachery and mysticism unfolds.

Watch the personalities of the Town Mayor, the Mayor’s Wife, the Mayor’s Heir, the Gamblin’ Man, the Riverboat Queen, the Dancehall Girl and the rest of the town folks change, one by one, until the mystery is solved and resolved, with love and laughter restored to one and all.

Secret In The Pumkin PatchSecret in the Pumpkin Patch!
One Act. One Hour.
One Exterior Set
Nine Characters: 4 M, 6 F

Villain Bruce Edington Brutal, the 5th is enthralled with the beauty of our heroine Bonnie Belle Bester, and he now has the means to make her his own. Will hero Dudley DewWell be able to save our haunted heroine from a lifetime of misery?

Dudley’s sister Daphne becomes determined to aid her bemused brother but finds helping him a daunting task considering she must also do the bidding of Bonnie Belle’s daddy Chester Lee Bester, mommy Hester Mae Bester and sister Becky Bane Bester. How does Sheriff Wayne fit into this pathetic plight?

Enjoy the booing, hissing, cheer and applauding!

Bonnie Belle's Pitiful Plantation Plight!
One Act. 75 Minutes.
Two Alternating Sets. One Exterior. One Interior
Seventeen Characters: 7 M, 10 F

The same situation as, “ Secret In The Pumpkin Patch,” but with more townsfolk who bring their own blend of chaos into a plot already fraught with evilness.

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