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All PlaysPlus scripts are protected by Copyright Law.

The script will be e-mailed once contract fee is received. Postage fee additional if regular mail is requested. All songs, except where noted are ©John Deacon Acoustic Cove Publishing (BMI) property.

Only the organization that pays the Contract Fee will receive a Production Contract to produce the PlaysPlus script, under penalty of Copyright Law.  Only videos of the theatre production for sale to cast members may be produced.  No cable station productions are permitted without specific permission from 

PlaysPlus scripts are not covered and bound, in order to keep costs down. The contracted organization is permitted to make as many script copies as needed once the signed contract and fee are received.  Same holds true for the CD’s of songs.

PlaysPlus charges no royalty fees for use of scripts. Acoustic Cove Publishing (BMI) waives all royalty fees for John Deacon songs associated with PlaysPlus Theme Plays with Songs, when such are used for community oriented performances. All commercial or cable use of ACP songs is subject to statutory rates and fees negotiated with ACP.

PlaysPlus only accepts Visa and MasterCard, money orders and checks.  

PlaysPlus maintains a strict privacy policy and will not share or sell customer information to any other party.


PlaysPlus Script Fees:



* A selection of pages from the script of interest plus Character Descriptions.

* Snippets of some songs from the Theme Plays With Songs.   


Drama/Comedy Full Script (one act 35 pages or less)


Drama/Comedy Full Script (one or two acts over 36 pages)


* Theme Plays with Songs Full Script  

*  A CD of all Songs for the Theme Plays with Songs. 






* Tips and Tidbits (Helpful hints Theme Plays with Songs Full Script; a CD of all Songs for the play for theatre training)  


Customized Scripts: Diane Purdy tailors original plays to fit your needs. 

  1. $100 or up depending on number of characters you wish added or subtracted to a PlaysPlus original script. Rewriting yourself is prohibited.
  2. $500 and up to turn your original storybooks into plays, depending on length of play needed for classroom or stage. 
  3. $500 and up to create a new play from your raw materials, depending on the amount of research involved.
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 PlaysPlus presents Family Theatre Videos

 * Perchance To Dream!   $9.95 plus postage (includes Verbatim Script)   

 * The Day The Clowns Cried!  $9.95 plus postage (includes Lesson Plan)

Rosie the Riveter performance - $150 plus mileage in Southeastern MA  

Order Forms:
Word Format

Mailing Address:
c/o Russell Theriault
10 Moody Street
Quincy, MA 02169-7153

Phone Number:
(617) 472-7959

Fax Number:
(617) 472-7959


Thank you for your interest.  A PlaysPlus bookmark will be sent with your copy of the PlaysPlus Production Contract, as a special “Thanks!”

Diane, Russell and The Staff






PlaysPlus and PlaysPlus Scripts © 2004