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TK And The TwinsTK and theTwins!
Two Acts. Ninety Minutes.
Two Sets: One Split Interior/Exterior Set. One Onstage Set
Twenty-seven Characters: 9 M, 18 F

The Gang, all the teenagers in town, is preparing for its annual Spring Fling. The Twins are very annoyed because each year the ticket sales remain high but the audiences for their shows are gettting smaller and smaller, due to word of mouth.

When The Gang discovers a top teen-aged model, Tiffany Farrell has just moved into town, they work to convince Tiffany to make a guest appearance, sure that her appearance will bring a standing-room-only audience for once. Finding out vain Tiffany insists on singing a solo if The Gang wishes to have her presence in their production puts a crimp in their clever plan when they discover Tiffany can’t sing in tune and her voice is beyond terrible. But, The Gang is sure they can overcome this one itsy bitsy problem. Big mistake!

TK and The TwinsMeanwhile, The Twins’ dreamer kid brother, TK, and all the other Little Kids decide to put on a show of their own, as The Gang has never let them perform in their Spring Flings. The “cutsey Little Kids” competition proves to be formidable and so The Gang quickly rethinks it’s decision, much to the thrill of the Little Kids!

When, TK convinces himself that he and Miss Tiffany are destined for one another, though, bedlam quickly reigns, and everyone in town takes sides.

Add The Jocks and Tiffany’s television star, older brother, Troy into the mix, and the once peaceful town and its inhabitants will never be the same again.

Chaos At Camp ChippewaChoas at Camp Chippewa!
One Act: Thirty-five Minutes
One Set: Inside or Outside
(depends on the play to be performed)
Twelve Characters: 3M, 8F

The Camp Chippewa counselors are diligently preparing for their end-of-the summer play, but nothing is going the way it should. Director Yolanda’s dress rehearsal jitters are worse than usual as two of the cast members have walked out due to Yolanda’s bossiness and out-of-control flaring.

Add to the mix, teenagers Mike and Evy’s lover’s spat, pre-show jitters by the new cast members, and the flakey antics of Buffy and Ginger, A.K.A . the ditsy twins… and lunacy looms.

Will all these problems be resolved before The Show? Only the drama gods know the answer to that ageless question!

(May be used before putting on another play, such as Red Riding Hood, More-or-less, in order to accommodate a larger cast. Or the Chippewa cast may be in both plays)

Dilemma In The Toy DepartmentDilemma in the Toy Department!
One Act. One Hour
One Interior Set
Twenty-one Characters: 8 M, 12 F, 1 M or F

The world’s most famous rag doll has decided she’s ugly. Will all the toys in the toy department be able to convince her otherwise before midnight? Or, will the toys’ secret of “coming to life” in the evenings be discovered by the four zany cleaning people instead?

The fashion dolls and stuffed animals and teen dolls and clown dolls and comic book dolls try to resolve the dilemma. But, needless-to-say, there’s very little agreement as to the best way to cheer up the cranky rag doll as the wild personalities converge, create and collide.

Bedlam ensues when the cleaners discover the truth. But, luckily, the rag doll ends up having a good laugh over all the silly antics, and quickly realizes that ugly is as ugly does, and a sigh of relief fills the toy department while everything goes back to normal except for the cleaners.

But that’s a tale for another time.

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