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The Case of the Comic Book KillerThe Case of the Comic Book Killer!
One Act. Ninety Minutes.
One Interior Set
Twenty-five Characters: 8 M, 17 F

Chip has inherited the Comic Book Museum on one of Boston’s waterfront wharves, but he hasn't his late father's dedication so decides to sell the place, take the money and run. And, that proves to be the worst mistake of his life...and the cause of his death.

Killer, killer, who's the killer? The actor/workers in the museum who all have...sordid pasts? The restaurant owners who will lose their customers without the museum traffic? The numerous females Chip has used poorly?

Will the undercover detectives and vice officers and airport security police be able to pull together and solve the crime before the audience does?

Power Play At Pleasure PondPower Play at Pleasure Pond!
One Act. 75 Minutes.
One Exterior Set
Sixteen Characters: 6 M, 10 F

It’s 1900, in upper Washington state, and the murder of terrible Tillie, the telegraph operator, threatens to tear the town apart.

When its discovered that Tillie was blackmailing half the folks in the community, Shirley Watson, mystery novelist, amateur sleuth, wife of banker Sherlock Watson and mother of Seymour and Sabrina decides to take matters into her own hands, with the help of a newcomer to town from England, named Bond...Jane Bond.

The audience gets to chose the killer from amongst the members of the families: Mia and Mya MacGregor; Trevor and Travis Trumple; Ashton, Ashby and Ashley Ashburton, or Felicia, Farina and Feona Felmsley, as one sub-plot after another unravels.

Killings At The Carny!Killings at the Carny!
Two Acts. Ninety Minutes.
Two Sets : One Exterior. One Interior
Twenty-two Characters: 8M, 14 F

Who killed Rulinski? Who killed Mitch? Who’s sabotaging the carnival? Why are the Valley Girls hiding out from “the fuzz?” The lives of the carny crew are in danger and no one knows why.

The audience tries to guess the killer before the dimwit Detectives Burke, Kirk and Turk solve the mystery…or not!

Deal Me Dead!Deal Me Dead!
One Act. Ninety Minutes.
One Interior Set
Nineteen Characters: 7 M, 12 F

Miss Goldie is a tyrannical saloon keeper with a past...a past that causes her eventual demise. Will Sheriff Montana Monroe be able to solve the crime and ease the pain of his buddy, Miss Goldie’s hubby, Marshall Matt McDillon?

The deeper the Sheriff digs the longer his list of suspects gets. Is Matt the only person in town who truly cared about the tortured woman?

Obviously there was no love lost between the beautiful, golden-haired, hard-hearted Miss Goldie and the saloon gals and guys or the local townfolks and ranchers. In all honesty, most anyone who knew her would’ve loved to have shot Miss Goldie “deader ‘n a doornail.”

The audience gets a chance to pick the killer in this western whodunnit?

MYSTERY RIDES THE BLACK LINE!Mystery Rides the Black Line!
One Act. Ninety Minutes.
One Interior Set
Eighteen Characters: 8 M, 10 F

A fierce hurricane strikes Boston, trapping eighteen people in a Black Line underground station, just as someone kills the cruel owner, Flynn O’Hara.

Marmy Little-Dickens, an eighty year old private investigator, is thrilled to get the chance to solve one more case before she “goes to her maker,” much to the chagrin of her grandson, Whitman, who wants no part of murder and mayhem.

Who killed O’Hara? One of his step-children, his hired help, the movie director, a B-gal, the holy-roller, the bag lady or the subway musician? This is a madcap tale with no escape and plenty of laughs

THE VANISHING OF VISTREL!The Vanishing of Vistrel!
One Act. 75 Minutes.
One Exterior Set
Twenty-two Characters: 10 M, 12 F
(1 Walk-on Chichi Bird)

A futuristic tale of intrigue, set in the Silver Streak Solar System far from Earth in the year 2100.

Will Commander Frapter of the Interplanetary Patrol Force and Director Laterette of the Celestial Environmental Corp be able to solve the heinous crimes unfolding before their eyes on what started out to be a pleasant day?

And, what has happened to young Vistrel? How could he have up and vanished before his classmates’ eyes?

Chaos reigns as power struggles, deceit and danger abound.

The teaching Tyros quickly send for Medium Madam Malloo, Mystic Mister Matrou and Psychic Sister Straloo to help them in their quest to locate Vistrel…to no avail.

But, where the seers fail, their open-minded, teen apprentices Quabu, Quazu and Quenzadu succeed.

Good triumphs over evil…and Vistrel quickly returns with quite a tale to tell!

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